About Our Club

The Villages, Florida is perhaps the largest and most active retirement community in the world. Acts of Kindness abound here as many retirees selflessly give of their time. We started this club in early 2019 to acknowledge these acts of kindness so as to promote an even more abundant culture of kindness. This is the first club of its kind. We believe we have some very creative ideas on how to acknowledge and promote kindness, and will be sharing them with you. In the long term we hope what we are doing will encourage many other communities to follow suit.

Our hope is that we will provide a role model for others who would like to start an Acknowledging Acts of Kindness club in their own community. As we gain more experience in how to best promote a culture of kindness in our community we will be happy to share this with others who would like to follow suit.

Joe Santoro (joesantoro@icloud.com) of The Villages, Florida who is the founder of the Santoro Educational Lifeskills Foundation (S.E.LF.) and the All Children First Foundation is the main driver and sponsor of our club, and we thank him. SELF has been very active in providing social /emotional learning (SEL) for schools and institutions in Florida and beyond with their Alive2Thrive program.

Author/Speaker Lindsay Collier (lindsaycollier@comcast.net), also of The Villages, is the current leader of our club

The goal of the Acknowledging Acts of Kindness Club is to recognize and reward those who have gone above and beyond in showing kindness to others. People who help others are the best role models, and recognizing their acts of kindness helps to promote this behavior in our community and beyond and promotes a ‘culture of kindness’.

Our plan is not to be a big club, but to have a number of members who are dedicated to helping our cause. We currently have about 45 members – and growing. Our only request is that members come to monthly meetings when they can, share ideas, and participate in some of our Acknowledging Acts of Kindness (AAOK’s) events. There is no cost and we guarantee that it will be a lot of fun!