Do you know someone or some organization that deserves to be acknowledged? Let us know with an email to or using our Nominate Form and we will include it in this section. As we grow in our ability to acknowledge acts of kindness we will begin to populate this page with more an more examples. Each of our members has cards they will hand out as they observe acts of kindness. These cards have our logo on one side and a thank you message on the other. We also suggest they pass it on as they see other AOK’s.

Amy Donato

July 27, 2019

Today our AAOK Club had its second Level Two Acknowledgment, and the honoree was Amy Donato (and her husband who helps her with everything). Amy heads up a group called “Boomer Loomers“. This group hand makes crafts for an amazing number of charitable organizations. And this is only one of many ways Amy and her husband spread kindness in our community.

One of our club members, Jen Smith, did a tremendous job in arranging the event which was a total surprise to Amy (her husband, Anthony, was in on it). We had a contingent of club members (complete with their Kindness Rocks T-Shirts) enter her room at the Fishhawk Recreation Center to the tune of “Celebration”.

Club leader, Lindsay Collier, then presented Amy with a dozen roses and other gifts and explained to those in the room (about 30 Boomer Loomers) what the club is all about. Each of those in the room was given our “Thank You” cards for the part they play in spreading kindness. Our founder, Joe Santoro, had a few words to say, and then took Amy dancing around the room to the music of “Dancing Queen”. At one point her husband gave Amy a tissue to wipe a tear from her eye. Chardell Kern, one of our members, later told me that sight will be etched into her memory.

Marie Andersen

June 6, 2019

Today we formally acknowledged Marie Andersen who is known as the Acquisition and Distribution Diva in The Villages. She works tirelessly to gather and distribute goods to those in need – a truly remarkable woman and an amazing example of kindness. We presented her with our “thank you for your kindness card” along with a dozen roses and a gift certificate to help her acquire more goods for those in need. Our founder, Joe Santoro, actually gave her his Kindness T-Shirt off his back.

This was our first formal acknowledgement. One of our club members invited her to her to her home for lunch and we pulled off a surprise “Publisher’s Clearing House” type of appearance. It was quite exciting and she was quite taken back.