We have three levels of acknowledgement:

We will focus on the first two Acknowledgement Levels now (particularly The First Level). The Third Level will come as we gain more experience.

  1. The First Level of kindness acknowledgment (and what will really put our club on the map) is the handing out of our cards to recognize AOK’s when we see them. Each member will have a dozen or so cards and be… [Read More]
  2. The Second Level is to formally acknowledge those individuals or groups that have truly done a lot and gone one step beyond to spread the culture of kindness in our community. We have some very creative. [Read More]
  3. The Third Level may be those who would qualify for “This Is Your Life” type of recognition. If you are old enough, you may remember the “This Is Your Life” TV program. This is quite a bit more extensive and… [Read More]