The Second Level

The Second Level is to formally acknowledge those individuals or groups that have truly done a lot and gone one step beyond to spread the culture of kindness in our community. We have some very creative, fun ways to carry out these acknowledgments and a variety of gifts (flowers, gift certificates, etc.) to honor them.

Our general process is to work with someone who nominates the recipient, and then come up with an event that will include the element of surprise. We are even thinking of using the “Flash Mob” approach at some time. Remember – we plan on having a lot of fun with this

So how do we get nominees? If you know of someone or a group that deserves this type of acknowledgement, please let us know. We have a form to help you get the information we need to start the process, and you can get this by sending a note to or using our Online Nominee Form

Criteria for Selection of Level Two Candidates:

  • Not employed by an agency
  • Number of people impacted by AOK
  • Impact on society and the community
  • Length of time engaged in the AOK
  • Not recognized or acknowledged by another organization

Our Candidate Selection Process

  • We ask for and collect nominations to include key information about their acts of kindness from the nominees. This could be done through word of mouth, social media, media blurbs, social clubs, churches etc. Those who nominate will be the main provider of information about the history of the nominee and how well they fit our criteria.
  • The Candidate Selection Committee meets regularly to evaluate nominations based on the criteria we have developed and may ask for further information if needed.
  • A committee member will put together a story about the candidate.
  • If the committee decides it’s a good choice they will turn it over to the Events Committee