The First Level

The First Level of kindness acknowledgment (and what will really put our club on the map) is the handing out of our cards to recognize AOK’s when we see them. Each member will have a dozen or so cards and be encouraged to acknowledge those they see who have positive attitudes and perform acts of kindness. We will also encourage those who receive these cards to pass them on to others.

This is what the cards look like:
(hover over or touch to see back)

Tips for Handing out Cards

✔ Give then a warm smile. Look for a return smile.
✔ Compliment and thank them for what they did (everyone likes compliments).
✔ Tell them a bit about our club and its purpose.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice that you have a great attitude (or just did something very kind, etc) and when I see that, I always like to recognize these efforts by giving you two of these cards – one to recognize you for what you’ve just done and the other for you to give to someone else. That way we can help spread a culture of kindness together. Thank you again for your attitude/kindness.”

✔ Offer them a couple of cards to pass on.
✔ Tell them to keep up the good work, and end with a Thumbs Up (universal sign) and a smile.